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Tooth Gem Manual

Tooth Gem Manual

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Table of Contents

1. What Is A Tooth Gem?
2. Tooth Gem Outlook And Pricing
3. How To Properly Apply A Tooth Gem?
4. Tooth Gem Size Options
5. Tooth Gem Removal
6. Lead Free Gems VS Non Lead Free Gems & Are Tooth Gems Safe?
7. How Long Can A Client Have A Tooth Gem Last Them?
8. Reasons Why A Clients Gem May Fall Off Sooner Then Expected
9. Tooth Gem Materials
10. Tooth Gem Consent Forms
11. Sanitizing Your Work Area Before & After
12. Blood Borne Pathogen (BBP) – Recommended!
13. Liability Insurance
14. What Is The Difference Between General & Professional Liability Insurance?
15. Branding Your New Tooth Gem Business
16. Tooth Gem After Care

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