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Online Teeth Whitening E-Course Certification

Online Teeth Whitening E-Course Certification

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Fully Loaded E-Course!

✨Covers Our Manual
✨After Care Instructions
✨Downloadable Consent Forms Included
✨Application Video Included to watch the step by step process and work along with.
✨Downloadable Certificate of Completion
✨Discounts on our Professional Service Kits & Products!

Please Include Your Email Address and Full Spelling of Your Name for Your Certificate of Completion! (In the notes of your order)

Table of Contents

1. What Exactly Is Teeth Whitening?
2. Teeth Whitening Outlook, Pricing and Sessions
3. Teething Whitening Application Procedure
4. Hydrogen Peroxide Vs Carbamide Peroxide
5. Teeth Whitening % Levels
6. Possibility of Teeth Sensitivity & Potential Risk
7. Remineralizing Teeth (Optional/Additional)
8. Good Candidates for Teeth Whitening & Who May Not Be
9. How Often Can A Client Return For Whitening Services?
10. Understanding the Teeth Anatomy
11. Teeth Staining
12. The R-20 Teeth Shade Guide
13. Teeth Whitening Materials
14. Teeth Whitening Consent Forms
15. Sanitizing Your Work Area Before & After
16. Blood Borne Pathogen (BBP) – Recommended!
17. Liability Insurance
18. What Is The Difference Between General & Professional Liability Insurance?
19. Branding Your New Teeth Whitening Business
20. Teeth Whitening After Care

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