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BB Glow LED Face & Neck Light Therapy Lamp

BB Glow LED Face & Neck Light Therapy Lamp

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7 LED Light Function Option

  • Blue: Good for spots, oily skin, also relieves sensitive skin                           (Calm, Balance, Oily Skin)
  • Red: Whiten skin, improve elasticity (remove wrinkles), improve scars and sensitive skin                                                                                                 (Tighten, Youthful, Repair)
  • Yellow: Improve skin flush and pigment                                                       (Whiten, Fade Spot, Remove Wrinkles)
  • Green: Good for calming sensitive skin                                                                   (Repair, Calm, Remove Spots)
  • Purple: Repair scars                                                                                       (Tighten, Repair, Remove Wrinkles)
  • Teal: Improve metabolism and tighten skin, strengthen elasticity                 (Calm, Balance, Repair)
  • White: Improves spots, fine lines, and sagging skin
  • Red & Green: Improves cell power, balances oily skin, and relieves skin   (Wrinkles, Spots, Repair)
  • Red & Blue: Whiten and tighten skin and improves scars                            (Tighten, Repair, Remove Wrinkles)
  • Green & Blue: Strengthen cell power, balance oily skin, and relieves fatigue     (Calm, Balance, Repair)
  • Goggles Included!

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